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Horizon Zero Dawn Previews

Horizon Zero Dawn Previews While the bigger news for those of you who live in the UK might be that Horizon Zero Dawn's release date has been moved up to March 1st, the rest of us are more fixated on the pair of new hands-on previews for the open world RPG that have emerged online.The first article comes to us via GamingBolt: And then we take in a few more details, courtesy of SheAttack:

Horizon Zero Dawn "Secrets of the Past" Video

Horizon Zero Dawn "Secrets of the Past" Video Guerrilla Games and Sony have released a new video for Horizon Zero Dawn, which offers some additional insight on the game's story, the protagonist Aloy, and the tribes that inhabit the world of the game.There's also some gameplay footage, which just further confirms that the game looks very pretty:

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer Sony and Guerrilla Games have released a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, with this latest video entry sharing more information about the action RPG's premise and the storyline we'll be taking in during our time with the game.Clocking in at just under two-and-a-half minutes, the video offers some choice scenes and quotes that just might get your interest piqued further: