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This is some fucked up shit.

This is some fucked up shit. with—When your mom kicks you out of the house,thanks a lot ll ‘family my ass!Kym need a placebo crash ucan any hereLike Reply its hrsmessage you later bro, and thanks shaving my back!

what did he mean by this?

what did he mean by this? I Anonymous ' 19: 47 Nty.5035905Hey /vaporeons, your favorite pokemon is scanner,Whats yours?

Anon fucked your bitch

Anon fucked your bitch I Anonymous ' ( Surt) : 29 ' 1073897 -File: download_ ipg (13 KB, 293x172)am meac allegechanging out with friendsrand friends of friendsstalking to this little qt 3.14yher boyfriend comes overaoh she' s takenHuck it Fm over itsboyfriend says "dude what the fuck?

Fallout Shelter - The James Incident

Fallout Shelter - The James Incident This is Vault 666The name was not a mistake These are your typical dwellers within the vault(Ignore the fact that every person in this room is black) And this is Goddamn JamesJames is ******* ridiculous James had the stats of Jesus himselfEveryone else in the vault was level 3, but goddamn James came in and set a whole new standard Eventually James proceeded to impregnate all the women he could findVault 666 is bad when it comes to birth control Here he can be observed wooing his 16th lover.James had such a high status among the vault dwellers, he eventually became their cult messiahAll cultist enforces a of James' fair laws are required to wear Ninja suits.

Your move Wendy's

Your move Wendy's The burden of having a hot mom 2 mns agoRest After a Hard Day of Adventuring 3 mns agoThe US Deep State is funding Macron 9 mns agoRoommate didn't pay rent for April and left our house.Found this 14 mns agoThat's another way of doing it 17 mns agoHelena Bonham Carter's acting range 19 mns agoGet your GF a Pepe shirt!