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Funny and Cringe Comp 2.094395102...

Funny and Cringe Comp 2.094395102... terror attacks are part of living in a big city 21 hrs agoOnly the poise may know the peace from this evil.23 hrs agoLast known image of abhuman guardsmen.

Do you eat bacon?

Do you eat bacon? Me: [sitting in luxurious exit row, ratlines seat]White woman behind me: Hey I don' t have as much space.You need to putyour seat up!

Zadey Dile Foludak Hiliow

Zadey Dile Foludak Hiliow 5 Anonymous (ID: )E'0312011 7( Mon)’ l 5: 35: 25 No.1 1751 6306png40 KBIsn' t it sad that Trump detractors like you havenothing else left but fortune telling and wishing forhim to failure?