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islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition.

islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition. The monument was erected by Queen Elizabeth in 1994 and is made out of bronze and granite angled slabs that have water trickling down it.The two slabs represent both Britain and Canada and there are maple leaves inserted into the two slabs as well as the country’s coat of arms.

Anon is a lice expert

Anon is a lice expert I' m a bald man, and yes I' mpissed off about it.So what I dois I buy lice online (yes, you canlegally do this, either in egg orlice form), put them in a plasticsealed box and go into a cinema.

Oh you haven't heard?

Oh you haven't heard? Does this look like the face of.By:1 mn ago Eevee is still my favorite PokemonBy:4 mns ago karma he only went out for a paperBy:6 mns ago Overwatch Hero's from "Recall"By:7 mns ago Our instincts tell us to always be rightBy:8 mns ago obviously fake, the gif is reversedBy:11 mns ago Upvote Money Dog and I promise you nowtBy:16 mns ago Adam West Was a Grammar NaziBy:16 mns ago

Anon is a metal gear enthusiast

Anon is a metal gear enthusiast ea couple of months ago31258 folder of Metal Gearwhen we fuck I directly quote shit from Metal Gear gamesyou' re pretty good" and shit like thatbin a relationship fora monthsRome back homemail her namemo responseinto my roomewes sitting in front of my computer.watching MGSV trailershat the fuck are you do-"iunderstand what happenedewe alt tabs to the folder.