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/fit/izen almost makes it

/fit/izen almost makes it MI File:.ipg (39 KB, 509x619)I times where you have almost made itAnonymous 0310911 7( Thu) 11 :23: 00I am considering to renovate my apartmentjust to distract me from being myself /fit/female friend I have known formany yearsddo friend stuff, nothing fancysplan was that I stay the night if it gets toolateaoh boy I have prepared myself so long forthismclean shaven, got my best cologne out andeven bought a nice new tracksuit to hang around at her place (we are long pastgone the point where we pretend to not be while being at home )that nightgo to sleep and browse shit on our phoneswould clearly see her miring when I got out of the shower before bedIn have lifted so long for this very momentsuecide to be bold it' s now or neverhey wanna have sex'?

I just witnessed a murder

I just witnessed a murder File: fice.gng (170 KB, 780x505)American "men", eberyonei know yo live ' hut and all and I have no idea how you got internet but if you even slap a woman back inAmerica, self defense or not, we will rot in prison for the rest of your life or get off after leng legal battles and haveyour reputation tarnished and life ruinedI know it' s easy for you to get away with punching your third grade wife ' poonta but we can' t do thatgrade wifeI' m going to retract this cause I know you guys actually don' t have schools


ALWAYS LISTEN TO MORGANA ltitle 'lloll Well, it the cattry) "Christ?on Apr 11.

Confession thread (Day 24th of April)

Confession thread (Day 24th of April) Click to block a category: reginleif prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Hi Everyone!Welcome to the first ever confession thread!