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Nigga you just got roasted

Nigga you just got roasted 18ti.'/!

Anon does a God-tier TL;DR

Anon does a God-tier TL;DR IT 1- one its senses}7 ' shared Ines video.allThe want blast: people to stop the latest: on meet: on me?

/3/tard makes a friend irl

/3/tard makes a friend irl Yesterday ,GIFF.8 we 412x229.

God save our gracious meme 157

God save our gracious meme 157 Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #15 23 hrs agoProgrammers on suicide watch 21 hrs agoTRANScending the Realm of Dad Jokes 21 hrs agoVelma Virgin Killer Sweater 21 hrs agoIm Not Even Going To Say Anything 17 hrs agoBack at it again with Webm comp #65 20 hrs agoTrump's mud ban saves anon from a naggin 19 hrs agoPole Comp 9: Nein!Nein!

Justin's Wholesome Bonus Comp (Sheldon)

Justin's Wholesome Bonus Comp (Sheldon) Japanon doesn't believe in democracy 17 hrs agoSJW is triggered by biology class 21 hrs agoBin your knives, create art 19 hrs agoShe thought she got away!23 hrs agoTHE MADMAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH 17 hrs agoAntifa Threatens Daughter of Pro-Trump 18 hrs agoAnnoyance skill increased by 1 16 hrs agoI'll tell you hhhhhhhhwat 22 hrs agoWhen you spend all your luck on FJ 21 hrs agoI'll see y'all in a couple weeks 23 hrs agoFake Hate Crimes since Trump's election 16 hrs agoTruly a game of inches [Rocket League] 15 hrs agoLiberal in Trump's America 20 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #17 12 hrs ago