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Anon uses the bathroom

Anon uses the bathroom Memes that are crispy on the outside but moist on the inside 21 hrs agoMainstream media these days 22 hrs agoADMIN LAUNCHES MISSILE OVER JAPAN 21 hrs agoMAN STABBED FOR NAZI HAIRCUT A FAKE: STORY WAS MADE UP 19 hrs agoAnon has a long way to go 21 hrs agoAnon looks forward to moving to Japan 21 hrs ago

Ken M on Cleanliness

Ken M on Cleanliness When the little old lady doesn't throw any bird seed your way 15 mns agoThe Life of a Plague Doctor Part 2 18 mns agoUpgrade yo weapon arts today with the powah of red coppah!43 mns agoKittens swim up to fishermen for rescue.

Ouija is just the French and German words for yes mixed together

Ouija is just the French and German words for yes mixed together Black people can' t fuck wit ouija boards, Asidefrom the obvious fact that we don' t fuck witdemons and shit, spirits come from all ranges oftime.If I start talkin to a spirit from 1819 an hecall me a nigger, I' m killing myself so we canthrow them spiritual hands.

Gotta love meaningful dialogue

Gotta love meaningful dialogue MHA Classical Japanese Style Art 19 hrs agoWhy there should be an age restriction to changing gender 20 hrs agoJust a small tip for everybody in the path of hurricanes 18 hrs agoI shouldn't find this funny.but I do.