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/pol/ expresses its condolences

/pol/ expresses its condolences Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 21 hrs agoBreath of the Wild: Long Distance Shield Parry 15 hrs agoHWNDU Season 5: IT BEGINS 23 hrs agoWe need to be more like horses 23 hrs agoThey didn't even change the font 11 hrs agoWow.can't even tell when it turns into a game!

Just 10 more years

Just 10 more years Don't try this at home, FJ 23 hrs ago"Big Iron" by Marty Robbins 23 hrs agoBecause who cares about the actual story amirite?12 hrs agoThe Red Pill: the truth---nothing more 18 hrs ago/k/ommando goes to Subway 17 hrs agoFantasy Characters In Contemporary Clothes 12 hrs agoSomeone's probably already made this 20 hrs ago

The ‘paper’ Papr Watch won’t get soggy in the rain

The ‘paper’ Papr Watch won’t get soggy in the rain As its name helpfully suggests, the Papr Watch looks and feels like paper but is actually extremely durable and so won’t tear within seconds of you wrapping it around your wrist.Equally important is Tyvek’s water resistance, so the Papr Watch won’t get soggy and drop off your wrist if you’re caught in the rain.