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Anon's friend is passive aggressive

Anon's friend is passive aggressive File: 1499321_ (102 KB, 1357x1018)suavenesswhy are waiters so full of themselves they make like a year1-‘ Anonymous (ID: in 07/ 08/ 17( Sat) 16: 29: 45 No.2732683 FIt' s an attractive job for passive aggressive types.

When you're 50 and Asian

When you're 50 and Asian dead friend < save the game , she got her priorities straight.9 mns agoAnon ruined his chance to fucc 14 mns agoTumblr Reacts to the Death of a Trump Supporter 16 mns agoIndian call girls indubai ,callwhatsapp 00971565841893 19 mns agoFastest Traffic Report Ever 24 mns agoI'm logging off life after reading this 28 mns agoBill Nye used to be cool.

Daily News: 15 July 2K17

During a job interview an employer will often ask you about the reason behind the gaps in your resume.The applicant answering he took a few years off to fight for the glory of ISIS, probably less common.

Anon orders more than 300 pounds of beef jerky

Anon orders more than 300 pounds of beef jerky File: ' Itq (3.62 MB, 3088x4460)Amazon had a jack links price mistake last year and I loaded up about worth.

Anon's cologne for his date

Anon's cologne for his date Ste says "Yes" because tam arms as luck.her up en Facei: n: etl'Am EDDwas a super itdeal ,past after past tram Etah: teed_ ' Sweetmeat: pages.

Anon is a father

Anon is a father 10 26 minutes agoPNG 366.4 Kib 469x537sbe a fatherMohave 13 year old son4 always knew he' d grow up to be a loseryhe' s a complete nerd, really into star warssalsa claims he is a ""yhe says he identifies as the Forcemot even Darth Vader or Luke, just thefucking Forceshe has long hairorder him to get a haircut (maybe hecould get a or something if he didn' t looklike a damn hobo)aafter twenty minutes he walks into theroom, his hair still long as shitask him why he didn' t get a haircuts" l like my hair, it' s my choice dad!

Aussie enjoys Thailand's tourism

Aussie enjoys Thailand's tourism llooll!Anonymous I 134173985Hace 2 h ondid the good Thailand seshwith the boys last year at age (20slylad a good friend who lived inBangkok who showed us a great3 time1, 4 MB GIFirgin with rage so I don' t carewhat happensthere for fl, weeks and fuckedanywhere from girls a day/night except for a cool off day halfway throughr» -Raw dogged every single one andcame in every single pussy or anusstold majority I was using a rubberwhen they insisted I had tosstill nutted raw regardlessfights with little thai womanover me cumming in them but thelads had my backI left I got checked for STD' sand luckily I was freer» -MM Mate who lives in Bangkoktells me I got many of thempregnant and they are trying to getr' rll/ information from him12 REPLIES

Man security gets tighter each year

Man security gets tighter each year Even more Overlord!Comp III 1 mn agoJust can't please some people 5 mns agoName a more brutal video game death scene 9 mns ago/tv/ predicts the next Game of Thrones cameo 9 mns agoThe absolute state of Laura Loomer 20 mns agoAnon Reminisces About the Old Days 24 mns agoWhat did Hitler do wrong?

5 Year old girl fined for lemonade stand

5 Year old girl fined for lemonade stand A five-year-old girl was fined £150 by a council for selling 50p cups of lemonade to festival goers.The girl's father Andre Spicer said his daughter had set up the stall in Mile End, east London, while thousands of music fans were on their way to the Lovebox Festival at the weekend.