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Tumblr Comp Pt 4

Tumblr Comp Pt 4 #BLM provides acceptance into Standford 13 hrs agoIndia becomes a world power 18 hrs agoSomali woman is a white supremacist 22 hrs agoSo who is getting the ball 16 hrs agoProperly fit classy or work appropriate cloths 17 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 103 04/04/2017Anon goes to Piggly Wiggly 19 hrs agoThe Future of the Flag of Germany 20 hrs agoHow the Media Controls the Public 11 hrs agohow normie fallout players react vs hardcore fallout players 17 hrs agoThe strongest loop knot you can tie 18 hrs ago

a little different from the usual

a little different from the usual What is this , trash for losers?04/12/2017Tick Tock!

Stu loses control of his life.

Yeah,to no sale, so I unloved a gross.3 Que: an you n( - mmM rm ton man‘basket so you mWm Tarn u up mu 4' navn\ of my weSum mm um nun»?


Racial BS that TOTALLY OCCURRED. So I was on the train today and these two blackguys were having a conversation not even thatloud and said "nigga" like once when this whitelady turns around and says "How do you thinkMLK Jr.would feel about you using that kind oflanguage" and one of the guys snaps back andsaid "idk maybe if your people didn' t shoot himI would know"who ' ' fall this?

Robot wants to get a camper van

Robot wants to get a camper van Anonymouswe educationbin debtfor over 8 yearsone welfare in my country04: 53Yeah going inna woods when I get a letter to pay what I owe,which is probably next week.AnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymouswe innawoods04: 5906: 45I think about getting a camper van, solar panels, and a nice waterpurifier and going out west a lot.