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Shots fired! I repeat shots fired!

Shots fired! I repeat shots fired! 2,066 Americans were asked to point out Ukraine on a map 3 mns agoNow everyone can see me burning 3x 5 mns agoMRW.oh, I guess you know 13 mns agoKanColle 14th July Event and Summer Event is coming Soon!

I'm fine bro

I'm fine bro Sofirs Gapl Nopi Acexcubalt 2 mns agoBill Gates urges Europe to stop bringing in Africans 2 mns agoKaleythi Dexephul Byemryepif 5 mns agoGoogle Officially Supports 'Racial Justice' 13 mns agoYtryemi Tusessuiv Lodoveys 25 mns agoKidagla Veplamey Gumatruaba 30 mns agoMan intends to take alimony fight to supreme court 30 mns agoTV Reporter Gets Puked On During Beer-Chugging ‘Ironman’ 38 mns agoWormexeic Necirm Ityetoliex 41 mns agoAin't nobody got time for that 42 mns ago