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Intel launches Broadwell-based Xeons with up to 24 cores, 60MB L3 cache, 3D XPoint

These new server processors offer up to 24 cores, 60MB of L3 cache, support for new RAS features, 3D XPoint (when available), and support for 3DS LRDIMMs.While the E7 v4 Xeon includes support for up to 24 cores, we wanted to compare against the Haswell-based E7 v3 family to make an apples-to-apples determination.

Rumors suggest AMD’s Zen servers will pack 32 cores, serious heat

We know that AMD is planning to ramp its Zen family from small form factor systems into large, big-iron servers, but exact product details remain scarce on the ground.According to Fudzilla, AMD’s top-end chip (codenamed Naples) will ship in a 32-core / 64-thread configuration with 64MB of total L3 cache, eight memory controllers, and 128 PCI Express lanes.

What to expect when you’re expecting AMD Zen

What to expect when you’re expecting AMD Zen While the leaks haven’t been confirmed as genuine, it was interesting to see the conversation around Zen and AMD’s expected performance level.Then, at an event on Wednesday, AMD showed some demos of Zen running clock-for-clock against Intel’s 5960X.