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Getting close to family.

Getting close to family. i Anonymous 'H/ ( Fri) 20: 16: 08kneed to come out to parentswwant to do it in a way that' sinteresting and refreshinggoes off over my head40 KB we parody and sing it in front of them!"sprend --30 minutes writing 'lyrics'over a Meghan Trainer instrumentalapparently, it' s harder than it looksfrom my den into the living room wheremy parents are watching TVIquorn, Dad.

Anon is a dreamer

Anon is a dreamer ii Anonymous '07/ 08/ 17( Sat) : 24I fucking hate my life lb!wwant to cook steakssit I try to cook the steaks right nowI will be yelled at by roommate739 KB PNG ajust want my god damned steaksccan' t cook steaks for another hourhour from now it becomes socially acceptable tocook steaksis growlingI just want to cook my steaks