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We Wuz Teachers 'nd sheeit

We Wuz Teachers 'nd sheeit Tough Tests for Teachers, With QuestionThe Regents also moved forward with a proposal that would allow seine I Bias.:L.

We wuz kangz and shied

We wuz kangz and shied Maori 13 hours ago (edited)Hey look white people playing Egyptians again.smhHide replies itMandingo Party is hours agoShe is from North Africa.


WE WUZ BBC AND SHIEEEEEED Anon wants to smoke weed with gf 3 mns agoBonganon is satisfied with the police 4 mns agoAnon plays Player Unknowns Battle Ground 5 mns agoMark Zuckerberg: Inhuman Jew-Bot sent to destroy us all 9 mns agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 59 and 60 28 mns agoCan't spell nut without Nut 46 mns agoPracticing ARCuLS Character for redraw next year 55 mns ago"Everything is racist." 55 mns ago

Anon was born too late

Anon was born too late Toptaki Geremur Siowagsey 6 mns agoHow Millennials are Changing the Housing Market 11 mns agoPaul Joseph Watson I WON'T BE AROUND MUCH LONGER 12 mns agoDaildelon Tyerok Weysubule 21 mns agothings mr.welsh cant do pt2 + extra 23 mns agoCute Ladies Verimeen and Smolder 28 mns agoI've started a Youtube.


WE WUZ POCHAHONTOS AND SHIET Debate Emerges After Native AmericanWoman Tells Black Woman to 'keep HandsOff Our Culture'tht.20" in use In cf Ens-‘ e an Fa Eels: -ah: I Tweet an Twitter ECheyenne“: Psa referencing rapper The Great (right) chain reaction ofT Michael Huck Harrison.

Ubisoft Wuz PC F a g s

Ubisoft Wuz PC F a g s Stache Community Moderation Messages Message DetailYou have been banned fromAssassin' s Creed Origins DiscussionsYou have been banned from Assassin' s Creed Origins Discussions by a forummoderator for your pom in "Assassin' s Creed Bruins General Discussions":Ba n Reason:Racism/ Hate SpeechPlease review the Discussions Rules ant).This is a permanent ban.

we wuz innawoods n' shit

we wuz innawoods n' shit II I when shes starts hitchin, innawoods.-l RAN innawoods- This is the story ofthe sketchy operation.