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Movieblob doesn't understand shit

Movieblob doesn't understand shit that happened for a LONG TIME.gmImagine white people gate Asia andsay, "There' s tee many Asians here.

islam comp: In Geert we trust edition.

islam comp: In Geert we trust edition. Edit: I put the wrong list in the content, sorry for the notification Tomorrow I have an assasement and if I pass I can enroll in a 3 month course that would normally cost thousands of euro's, but I can get it for free.I have to get up a few hours earlier than I'm used to by now, and tomorrow are the elections.

Gates, you lucky bastard

Gates, you lucky bastard Based Dad dishes out the law in his house 23 hrs agoGet Ronnie Some Of That Purple Drank 16 hrs agoShia is ready to bash the fash 20 hrs agothe last 2 comments are gold 20 hrs agoFarting in front of your SO 20 hrs ago*Pomf* What are we gonna do on the kitchen floor?22 hrs ago

Nothing can go wrong

Bad news guys.My brewer has been living in Pads fer the past 5 years.

white pride is racist

white pride is racist Lontud Pecur Poom Samsayst 22 hrs agois your white baby racist?23 hrs agoImmigration is a privilege, not a right.

What's wrong with people?

What's wrong with people? see this in parking lets and it makes me sick.It' ll be degrees Bibi' f,'',and people will leave their Hugh in the ear with the window crackedant};?

No one has diabetes like Gaston

No one has diabetes like Gaston What' s wrong?In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston tells us that eversince he was a boy he ate 4 dozen eggs every day.