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/pol/ writes BuzzFeed headlines

Buzz Feelt No.TIT /pol/ writes Buzzfeed headlinesSimple Reasons Italians Are NOT WhiteMI Showing all replies.

PlayStation 4 Neo Specs Leaked

PlayStation 4 Neo Specs Leaked Nicole from Unigamesity writes "Although a no show at this years E3 (2016), Sony’s new and revamped PlayStation model the PS4 Neo is still well underway and keeping the Xbox vs PlayStation competition hot and on it’s toes.Despite their attempt to keep it under the hat, it seems a presentation that was meant to be kept on the down-low in regards to the specifications and features of the PlayStation 4 Neo has been leaked and made available to download online.

/b/ writes a program.

/b/ writes a program. American Horror Story: Nicole Kidman Edition 23 hrs agoThis is why they hate PewDiePie 22 hrs agoA reminder to all Trigger Happy Tumblrinas.16 hrs agoDave Grohl and Mark Hoppus 19 hrs agoJason Bourne it's Jesus Christ!

Anon writes som Shakespeareian level poetry

Anon writes som Shakespeareian level poetry MI File: 14394619202’ -”.' ppg (41 KB, 396x385)D Anonymous 04/ 15/ 17( Sat) 03: 57: 58 [Reply].

Robot writes Youtube comments

Robot writes Youtube comments if I / '' 17( Mon) ffr.57 his 55555555irn totaly doing that newtit Antonymous Lia/ / 17( Mon) siir.