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Buy This Comic! Paper Girls #11

Buy This Comic! Paper Girls #11 This week, that comic is Paper Girls #11 from Image Comics, by writer Brian K.I have to admit; Paper Girls was not one of my favorite series when it first started out.

Buy This Comic! All Star Batman #7

Buy This Comic! All Star Batman #7 This week, that comic is All Star Batman #7 from DC Comics, by writer Scott Snyder and artist Tula Lotay.All Star succeeds best when it’s doing just that, standing out as a modern classic for Batman.

Creative Bullshit: Never Be

Creative Bullshit: Never Be Hell sometimes I wonder if I am even good I have tried so much, made so many attempts, to be a good writer But I can feel that possibility slipping away My time in the spot light it over I can’t say I didn’t try But I wasn’t trying hard enough And, as my star fades, I don’t know what is worse Knowing your time is up Or knowing you still have so much more to say Some much you want people to hear But no one to tell It’s like I am trapped in a swirling whirlpool Trying desperately to grab onto something before I am pulled into obscurity It would be so easy to become bitter So easy to get angry at everyone around me, to blame them for all of my failings Because it isn’t anyone else fault That I am not good enough to be a good writer, a great writer I just don’t have what it takes to draw them in And what it takes to keep them watching I’m just a guy who stumbled into a modicum of success And now is going to lose it because I don’t have the ability to keep it I’m nothing but a washed up hack Who will never be a great writer

Buy This Comic! Batwoman Rebirth #1

Buy This Comic! Batwoman Rebirth #1 This week, that comic is Batwoman Rebirth #1 from DC Comics, by writers Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV, with artist Steve Epting.Learn where Batwoman comes from, and where she’s going, in this one-shot prologue to the first big Batwoman epic, “The Many Arms Of Death”!

Buy This Comic! Loose Ends #2

Buy This Comic! Loose Ends #2 Today is Wednesday, better known as New Comic Book Day, the best day of the week.This week, that comic is Loose Ends #2 from Image Comics, by writer Jason Latour, artist Chris Brunner, and colorist Rico Renzi.

You Need to Know Isaiah Bradley

You Need to Know Isaiah Bradley Today, we’re talking about Isaiah Bradley, one of the many characters have used the title of Captain America.Despite this, Isaiah never stops fighting the good fight, which eventually leads to him being captured and tortured by Nazis.