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Finally Dancing with the stars is worth watching

Finally Dancing with the stars is worth watching Got more important things to do , i'm sorry lol 10 mns agoFlorida don feel di force 32 mns agoInsane Dragon's Potions CYOA 34 mns agoSnippet from a true story 46 mns agoBoruto's Dad's Friend's Brother 1 hr agoFearless Girl vs The Kitchen 1 hr agoGot some things to sort out 1 hr agoMeanwhile, A Year Ago.1 hr agoYour daily dose of sadness 1 hr agoDouble Denied Titanfall 2 CTF 1 hr agoMore Spiky Child [Bakugou Comp 2] 1 hr agoA National ID Card Is Coming You Will Need It to Fly and drive 2 hrs agoA-are you threatening me?

iPhones aren't worth the money

iPhones aren't worth the money Typhoon vs Diesel w-Shawn Michaels (Aug-22-1994) 14 mns agoFimupadry Ubys Pomopockon 15 mns agoguy gets sucker punched by female then delivers equality 31 mns agoThunder should be concerned with Westbrook not signing extension 42 mns agoMortal Kombat 2 - Fatality Showcase-EVERY Fatality & Friendship 52 mns agoStephen Fry, laying the heat 57 mns agoI For One Welcome Our New Fast Food Overlords 58 mns agoThis genders are getting out of hand 1 hr agoGyate / Ohayou Comp ~ Subterranean Animism Edition 1 hr ago