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tumblr in a nutshell

tumblr in a nutshell I' M NOT SURE WHAT' S WORSE ABOUTFEMINISM.Boo attacks girl 'iiiGeorgian First Grader Beatenand Seawall Assaulted iori' MaleSays BuysJust ' i Housing"u" e.

George Takai's Facebook post was visited by sanity. Ohhh myyy.

George Takai's Facebook post was visited by sanity. Ohhh myyy. Unite the trash to unlock the smile room 19 hrs agoWhat are we going to do now 22 hrs ago/pol/ points out a minor flaw 22 hrs agoConfused Chris Pratt learns a valuable lesson 23 hrs agoim pretty sure FJ wrote the plot.22 hrs agoSometimes, you can be wrong 19 hrs agoWhen it's The Mummy, you don't a need a good title 18 hrs ago

Anon gets a birthday present

Anon gets a birthday present Nothing worse than fat shamingparents manI -A slave with mom and dadLi, tthey are both in their but inl good shapeam very obese, often struggle tobreathe etctthey treat me like a joketthey are rich as fuck and paid to have asecond kitchen built for my birthdaylike a nice thing at first however, thekitchen' is just several deep frying machines,sugar storage boxes and a list of fast foodand pizza delivery numbersfpictures of ronald mcdonald taped to thewallstthey call it the 'kitchen for the chef who isalways out of breathe'oxygen masks tied to the roofstff my life is a joke to them, they even jokeabout me having a stroke50 KB JPG

i`m so fucking mad

i`m so fucking mad Lii Ashley Lynch VSo the shit happening on the set ofDeadpool 2 is even worse than youthought.580 Retweets 611 LikesAshley Lynch (5).

when a DM shows up drunk

when a DM shows up drunk Die Pinguine Aus Madagaskar 18 snds agoAbstract trash that hermits like 6 mns agoBret Hart, Bob Holly & 123 Kid vs Owen Hart, Yokozuna & Hakushi 25 mns agoPolitico's latest political comic 31 mns agodino croc dragon reptile gecko 34 mns agoBloodborne fanart comp #2 38 mns agoWe're all gonna die.again 42 mns ago/v/irgin's beta experience 43 mns agoThe Life of a Plague Doctor 43 mns agoI still don't understand this meme 46 mns ago

Streamer thought his mic was off

Streamer thought his mic was off I dont know why i have these 7 mns agoChronicles of Elyria: Domain and Settlements 14 mns agoJust XCOM Things, version 8.14 mns agoAnother day, another femminist march.