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You Know This Post

You Know This Post a kidKhorne home from schoolsmom works an evening shiftat a gas stationsshe leaves pizza for meshave two games for mySNESTournament Fighters and TheAddams Familyrout pizza in oven and use watch to time itsplay game while pizza Weeks, often getdistracted by my games.burnt pizza most nights but eat itanyway.

robot works in an office

robot works in an office No.35808215 38 minutes ago tJPG 190.

A 90s kid made this

A 90s kid made this That's one hell of a military career 21 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 19 hrs agoQuick, while the British are asleep upvote iced tea 16 hrs agoThrough the Fire and Flames GMV 21 hrs agoWhat is this , trash for losers?