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Anon is a trashman

Anon is a trashman 5 Anonymous 08/ 1 an 6( Thu) 09: 38: 43 No.700047370Since y' all like work stories, Ifigured imma share this oneffirst week working as atrashmanggo pick up the trash from thisone house that' s a bit isolated34 KB JPGfrom the otherstthink spruces circling the yard, standing abouttall, you can see inside the yard only from theroadtthe yard itself isn' t that big as it seems, maybeper side, filled with old house electronicsand scrap metalaand the house is small as fuck, probably hasabout 3 rooms and half of its' yellow paint hascrumbled awayggo for the fucker' s trash, smellsaas I empty them in the trashcan, notice that it' swith diapers, some have even mold inthema slightly disgusted facial expressionffuck it and forget about itPic unrelatedCont.

Livelock Review - Xbox One

Livelock Review - Xbox One There are two kinds of robots in the world.There are the ones who serve us, make our cars, give us badly made coffee from vending machines in bus stations, and power our working lives.

How dare you be a working mother!

How dare you be a working mother! Into Verizon LTE 5: 21 PM L E MD4 Tweet ck ltr/ f'blanka Trump @ Np''Taking a call in the White House with mypersonal assistant Theodore.lit'ilana glaser 9 hott'blazerh/ is this a joke'?