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Snapchats latest "news" story

Snapchats latest "news" story Dear Lord, he's one of us now!22 hrs agoSupporting the patriarchy 21 hrs agothese two redeveloped my faith in offline gaming 18 hrs agoI want to buy a Switch for BotW, but.

Sega vs. Nintendo: Fan games

Sega vs. Nintendo: Fan games Get Ronnie Some Of That Purple Drank 22 hrs agodank WebM compilation (pt 89) 22 hrs agogender is a social construct 18 hrs agoMy first favorite when i joined the site 16 hrs agoAnon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco.12 hrs agoAnon has insane reflexes and instantly kills a school shooter.

Working like a dog

Working like a dog So at my work we started testing our products ondogs.I feel really bad about it and Fm not sure it' seven legal.

SmartDesk is the $300 Sit-Stand Desk Your Body and Budget Deserve

SmartDesk is the $300 Sit-Stand Desk Your Body and Budget Deserve Starting at just $299 for the home edition, the SmartDesk is a no-brainer replacement for your static desk.If you feel the need to spend more, the office edition is just $399 and adds faster movement, a wider range of elevation, and 300lb load capacity via a second synchronized motor.

Ahmed tells a story

Ahmed tells a story Be Ahmedabe immigrant inWork very hardenaugh money buy carto drive itam Allah it' s harder than riding a camelBy Allah its going fastLose centrel of that Shaken creationto slow down by scratching the wheels against wallsStupid french infidels go in my waystudents are he good when it comes to slowing a car downStart praying loudlySallah Akbar I Allah Akbar IFinally manage to step the carDecide be a good citizen and infirm the government about dangerous Shaitan deviceRacist policeman tries to stop mecalmly argue with my knife like we do in my reentryThings go out of contolshotup in paradiseEveryone think I did my JihadAllah gives me " virginsaway are Britishfmfiw they have bad teethI wish I had my goat