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Tumblr Comp Pt 4

Tumblr Comp Pt 4 #BLM provides acceptance into Standford 13 hrs agoIndia becomes a world power 18 hrs agoSomali woman is a white supremacist 22 hrs agoSo who is getting the ball 16 hrs agoProperly fit classy or work appropriate cloths 17 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 103 04/04/2017Anon goes to Piggly Wiggly 19 hrs agoThe Future of the Flag of Germany 20 hrs agoHow the Media Controls the Public 11 hrs agohow normie fallout players react vs hardcore fallout players 17 hrs agoThe strongest loop knot you can tie 18 hrs ago

Attention – Microsoft Edge and Word Games

We are aware of an issue in which players using the Microsoft Edge browser are unable to utilize the keyboard while playing Word games such as Crossword Cove and Word Whomp.This is due to a security setting in the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

Scaramouch in the latest episode

Scaramouch in the latest episode Every anti-trump activists which base their ideas on lies 7 mns agoYou find your best friend in the bar 8 mns agoWalking away from a site.11 mns ago3/19/17-Citizens speak of the Sanctuary Cities 22 mns agoCrowder on Bill Nye Saves the World 26 mns agoOne of the users in /autism/ turned this in.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trademark Explained

Cyberpunk 2077 Trademark Explained In an official statement on Twitter, CD Projekt Red explains the recent controversy surrounding them trademarking the word Cyberpunk.You can view the statement yourself, but in short, they want to protect themselves from being targeted by various profiteering individuals, and promise not go after everyone who dares to use the word cyberpunk in their games, only those who do so in order to trick the consumers.

Merriam-Webster lists ‘sheeple’ as a word, cites Apple fanatics as examples

Merriam-Webster lists ‘sheeple’ as a word, cites Apple fanatics as examples And as a sign of the times, the respected language source has added the word “sheeple” (a word that our word processor still doesn’t recognize) to the official list of Webster-ordained words.” Now, as dictionaries are wont to do, Merriam-Webster provided some context for the word, placing it in a sentence.

Amazon Alexa Learns British, German Slang

Amazon Alexa Learns British, German Slang Fancy that: Amazon Alexa will soon sound more natural to Brits.Last week’s launch of SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) support for speechcons means developers can now build Alexa skills that pronounce common terms in a more homegrown style.

Tom Clancy's The Division Free Weekend

Tom Clancy's The Division Free Weekend In addition to sending out a press release, Ubisoft has that The Division, their co-op focused, post-apocalyptic action RPG, is available for free play from today through May 7th.They've also of the core game, the Gold Edition version, and all DLC by 50% over the weekend, so it won't set you back too far if you like what you see.