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Damn, I wonder what got him so pissed?

Damn, I wonder what got him so pissed? Japanese husband has gone 20 'YEARSwithout speaking to his wife since sheHe said on the show: 'l was kind of.jealous.

Looks Like a Post for Me

Looks Like a Post for Me Killmepleaseibegyoujustendmeplz 12 mns agoInterracial relationships are a hate crime now.32 mns agoCNN Blackmail - behind the scenes 37 mns agoWhen I shout out the wrong answer in class 44 mns agoAnon's friend dates a SJW 44 mns agoUgh, I'll be ready in five minutes 1 hr agoGhost stories anime dubs are good 1 hr agothis cat is 31 and his name is nutmeg 1 hr agoAnon is into his trap son 1 hr agoalready touched the doorknob 1 hr ago

/ck/ has vegan parents

/ck/ has vegan parents time and time againacne vegan place that my parents do eat at they pretend like they awnthe placetthey memorize everyine' s name and HOSE in an their private livesWheree; today?allied makes up dumb names far his altered menu itemsborders a "cosmic monkey".