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Make Dumbfuckistan Great Again

Make Dumbfuckistan Great Again More Compromising Than Some Adults 1 mn agoPaused tucker at the right time 2 mns agoAnother favorite from years ago 11 mns agoThe best team in all of rocket league 18 mns agoPoorly Drawn: Invasion Part 27: In the Bling of the Angels 31 mns ago/tv/ anon gets creative with Joss Whedon's name 43 mns agoPlz Give Some Morty Love Today 50 mns ago/pol/ describes a political tactic 53 mns ago"He's just standing there, MENACINGLY" 1 hr ago

Anon goes to a hairdresser

Anon goes to a hairdresser 2 JoJo memes for your JoJo needs 4 mns agoA weapon to surpass metal gear 8 mns agoMASS EFFECT 2 IS A GOOD GAME COMRADES 11 mns agoBuilding Business Credit Funding 13 mns agoCities sued for Stand Down orders 46 mns agoZenyatta, That Wacky Omnic 52 mns agoNot sure if this is an upgrade 1 hr agoColin Trevorrow is no longer directing Episode IX 1 hr agoany history month, we are all americans 1 hr agoUltronyourgod Vs Prodicalson (Bad Shipping war arc) 1 hr agoI killed a meme for this man 1 hr ago

How to win an argument

Yr V9 MAKE DIRECT EYE CONTACT WHILE YOU LISTENT '_ raisersI-‘ Moe - n vow statusas soon as may start '' we wanee ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT YOU CAN RELATE TO AND WHYstar" _ mrfmum mole atandt, tat.

Incredibly Marketable Children’s Toy Product

Incredibly Marketable Children’s Toy Product What are elves good for anyway?28 mns agoWould you accept her gift?

childhood friends never win?

childhood friends never win? Copypastas Translated And Back 16 mns agocute little sister purging filth.16 mns agoIs this meme to hard to get?