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Idiots fall for this shit

Idiots fall for this shit Amelia M?Becauseshe was black they would not publishher work.

Scaramouch in the latest episode

Scaramouch in the latest episode Every anti-trump activists which base their ideas on lies 7 mns agoYou find your best friend in the bar 8 mns agoWalking away from a site.11 mns ago3/19/17-Citizens speak of the Sanctuary Cities 22 mns agoCrowder on Bill Nye Saves the World 26 mns agoOne of the users in /autism/ turned this in.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trademark Explained

Cyberpunk 2077 Trademark Explained In an official statement on Twitter, CD Projekt Red explains the recent controversy surrounding them trademarking the word Cyberpunk.You can view the statement yourself, but in short, they want to protect themselves from being targeted by various profiteering individuals, and promise not go after everyone who dares to use the word cyberpunk in their games, only those who do so in order to trick the consumers.