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Ethan: Meteor Hunter Review

Ethan: Meteor Hunter Review Ethan: Meteor Hunter tells the story of a rat, Ethan, who is hell bent on inflicting revenge on the neighbour who callously destroyed his home.After being hit with the full power of a meteorite, Ethan finds out that he is able to play around with time and is strong enough to move objects via the power of telekinesis.

My Little Kitties review -

My Little Kitties review - Haru is a teenage boy who seems to attract animals.In his garden a mother cat passed away and Haru started to care for her kitten, Nuri.

Lifeless Planet Review (The Gamer's Lounge)

Lifeless Planet Review (The Gamer's Lounge) Lifeless Planet could be best described as a puzzle and adventure game.Gamers play as a young astronaut who is stranded on a mysterious planetafter a one way trip several light years away from Earth.

Livelock Review - Xbox One

Livelock Review - Xbox One There are two kinds of robots in the world.There are the ones who serve us, make our cars, give us badly made coffee from vending machines in bus stations, and power our working lives.

Claire: Extended Cut Review

Claire: Extended Cut Review In 1987 my first true love was a girl named Claire.We were very happy together until one day she left me for a guy who worked on the local dodgems – a guy who could swallow 50p coins in one gulp.

Forza Horizon 3 Review

Forza Horizon 3 Review Granted, you’ll get your RPG fans who will always point to Skyrim, and the shooting community will obviously raise the roof for Battlefield or Call of Duty.Hell, a football fan will probably kick off big time should the latest FIFA title not be mentioned.