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Legacy of the White Man

Legacy of the White Man 20700824Smelly shitskin thinks he can reneger the White manThat' s what the Persians thought inThe Panies inThe Carie's Mews and Muslims throughout late antiquity and the middie agesThe East Asians in the modern eraAnd eventless other feelsWe conquered you all.Our bleed was forged in the frost of mother Europe, tempered like the Extremophiles which became the archetype of all true life.

Slavs can't be racist

Slavs can't be racist 5 Anonymous 1!74313106Slavs are being racis!

White House suppresses the media

White House suppresses the media white House blocks CNN, BBC, New YorkTimes, LA Times from media!Fm an is seen as an eff n: andere is hem with a , {Pi reporters in " an February Bal.