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Liberals versus math, who will win?

Liberals versus math, who will win? 95, 000 human beings live where Trump justdropped the biggest non nuclear bomb inAfghanistan w/ a blast radius of a mile in everydirection10: 57 AM -1330!2037is "Ist tlt Let.

Malcom in the Middle

Malcom in the Middle Oldies but goodies:Korean comics.23 hrs agoAnon tries a social experiment 23 hrs agoHow game developers think shotguns work 16 hrs agoComedians speak the truth 22 hrs agoHer Eyes Tell a Beautiful Story 22 hrs agoI don't remember Watchdogs being this dark 17 hrs agoDon't do school, stay on drugs kids.

i`m walt disney

i`m walt disney Another time was, we were tasking at the section at The Jungle Book where the little girlcomes out and gets in the water, and the titte hays up in the tree, and he falls into the water.She senses that he' s following her, so she drops the jug after a ways, and this continues all theway up, and the troy tasks hash at as Me audience] and shrugs his shoulders, and then heturns around and waits at the titte girl, and she wrinkles her nose up at him.

The Dark Side of Thomas the Tank Engine

HOLY FUCK AT THE ENE flit THE BACKGROUNDTH TOOK ITS FUCKING FACE OMGIllain,the early themes the tank engine books are prettystandard stuff.didn' t they also hook up one engine to agenerator, so he' d never move again?

Whats Your Favorite Version?

Whats Your Favorite Version? /pol/ has Antifa on the run 23 hrs agoThe science behind race mixing 20 hrs agoYmir knows what she wants 21 hrs agoKizuna Ai comp the 2nd one 20 hrs agoTwo groundbreaking franchises 20 hrs ago/v/ describes gaming in 2k17 21 hrs agoHistorical photos part 2017 BC 20 hrs ago[Spoiler] Today's plotwist 15 hrs agoAsking the real questions 23 hrs agoIf you're happy and you know it 23 hrs agoWatch people die life comes at you fast edition 20 hrs ago

Close to the Metal Ep. 40: The Optane Difference

Close to the Metal Ep. 40: The Optane Difference After a seriously long build-up, the first Intel Optane powered storage devices are making their way into consumers’ hands.The first iteration is Intel Optane Memory, available in 16 or 32 gigabyte capacities, which act as a cache drive, accelerating even the slowest SATA HDDs into a new world of speed and low latency.

Anon describes the mods

Anon describes the mods lollollol Anonymous 1225229?-1 wmin.