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Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.2: Conflict Patch Notes

Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.2: Conflict Patch Notes 2: Conflict for Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft and Massive have revealed the full patch notes for the free content patch, which provide a much more in-depth look at exactly what we can expect from it.The encounter is balanced for a team of 4 players outfitted with high level gear.

New Murloc Pet Coming Soon?

New Murloc Pet Coming Soon? A new pet was discovered during Legion testing,!This wide-eyed murloc uses a new model and skin.

Pokken Tournament review -

Pokken Tournament review - Throughout Pokken Tournament you get to play as some of the most recognizable, and unrecognizable, Pokemon.Pokken is fun and is the next logical step for Pokemon to try in the wake of their success in Smash Bros.

I'd watch this

I'd watch this a game show where a toddler haste choosebetween a cheque for a million dollars or a smallbasket filled with.14 werth of dollar store tearsand in the earner of the be you can see theirparents in a locked sound proofread watchingfrom a screen and screaming the whole timeSeems:eases net's c', C

Clustertruck Review (The Gamer's Lounge)

Imagine someone took the simplicity and design philosophy of SUPERHOT andapplied it to a platformer, and you'd get Clustertruck, the latest byLandfall Games.A platformer that finds you playing "the floor is lava" onthe back of featureless trucks, where one bad bounce leads to a hilariousdemise and making your way through the level is about as much luck as it isskill, Clustertruck is one of those few games like the aforementionedSUPERHOT or Nidhogg where adding anything more to it would be stupid.

Battlefield 1 – Field Manuals in Avanti Sovoia Locations Guide -

Battlefield 1 – Field Manuals in Avanti Sovoia Locations Guide - This is a locations guide, will show you how and where to find field manuals in Avanti Sovoia in Battlefield 1 video game.Avanti Savoia is one of the crusades in Battlefield 1.

Lethal VR review -

Lethal VR review - Lethal VR puts you in the role of a police recruit, where you must improve your sharpshooting and knife throwing skills.You have to hit the various kinds of enemies, while avoiding all civilians.

Two Heads are Better than One

Two Heads are Better than One A CNN anchor was selected by TSA for a search 21 hrs agoWTF?WE HAD THIS IN MY KINDERGARTEN 21 hrs agoI don't know if it's good or bad 21 hrs agoSo when she does it it's cute 20 hrs agoStarted at the top now we here 13 hrs agowhen will your thirst be quenched, 2016?

Dex Review - The Gamers Lounge

Dex Review - The Gamers Lounge Dex is an exciting cyberpunk MetroidVania RPG style game with a rich storyline that draws you into a world of intrigue, where the titular character must help thwart the Singularity where artificial intelligence surpasses the human mind.An amazing tale on paper that has received accolades during it's life on Steam, but this Vita edition has a few kinks that need to be ironed out for it to be a fully enjoyable experience.