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Racial BS that TOTALLY OCCURRED. So I was on the train today and these two blackguys were having a conversation not even thatloud and said "nigga" like once when this whitelady turns around and says "How do you thinkMLK Jr.would feel about you using that kind oflanguage" and one of the guys snaps back andsaid "idk maybe if your people didn' t shoot himI would know"who ' ' fall this?

i`m walt disney

i`m walt disney Another time was, we were tasking at the section at The Jungle Book where the little girlcomes out and gets in the water, and the titte hays up in the tree, and he falls into the water.She senses that he' s following her, so she drops the jug after a ways, and this continues all theway up, and the troy tasks hash at as Me audience] and shrugs his shoulders, and then heturns around and waits at the titte girl, and she wrinkles her nose up at him.

Monster Fact Comp: The Return of the King

On top of looking fly for a dead guy, the Nazgul had many bonuses that came with their curse.On the psychological side, they inspired an aura of fear, making even the bravest men think twice with their voices.

Naked the whole time

Naked the whole time at inter asshole and pussy were wide thisAnonymous 04/ 22/ 17( Sat) 23: No.

If I were Superman..

If I were Superman.. Wich country have the best doggo 2 mns agoIf my years of vidya has taught me anything.2 mns agoMinuteman III scheduled to launch 9 mns agoArmenian Genocide or Conflict?

Robot encounters autistic kid

Robot encounters autistic kid but he thinks they' re bullying himstill crying because he can' t get the questing its number 7re en question 13to his autismHE‘ i".The Kiwi Warekid gees to New over spring breakFavorite moment was seeing a kiwi birdhides-2-" HEW DO KIWI BIRDS TASTE?