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They were also massive pricks

They were also massive pricks When you don't know know who the girl with loose crotch lips is 40 snds agoBehind the scenes photos from Castlevania's animation studio 6 mns ago/co/ brainstorms modern King of the Hill 6 mns agoWhen the family meets your friends 19 mns agoMy views on the BLM and White Supremisist riots right now 24 mns agofinally the wait is over, Owari 2 is out 31 mns ago

he got cucked by a bee

he got cucked by a bee Badass Argonians Oblivion Crisis - The Elder Scrolls Lore 14 mns agoDon't wake me up (first draft) 14 mns agoPepis Guardian the ballet 16 mns agoLife is too short to worry 24 mns agoRegarding Charlottesville 27 mns agoLeslie Nielsen almost got hit by lamp post bulb in Police Squad 28 mns agoGang Members React to Themselves Photoshopped Without Tattoos 33 mns agoThose fidget spinners are getting out of hand!38 mns ago"Dispatch, the chaotic good boy has been apprehended" 43 mns agoLarry Elder Interviews Economist Walter Williams | Charlottesvill 57 mns ago

Alt Left Meme Comp

Alt Left Meme Comp Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by democrats, because democrats can't stand their own history anymore and somehow it's Trumps fault?"dont tell me to SHUT UP"CNN is blatantly racist The next vid is Trumps speech on this.

Robot lie detector joke

Robot lie detector joke A man buys a lie detector robot that slapspeople who lie.The robot slaps the son.

How naive we were

How naive we were The most unpopular opinion 1 mn agoWhen Primarchs don't know how to dig up 42 mns agoExaporcexi Sidu Biatsunged 1 hr agoUncle Vinnies Blatantly Used Dank #8 1 hr agoLife is a dream for the wise 1 hr agoquick thinking during attemted carjacking 1 hr agoBut I wouldn't do say that 1 hr agoRun!Its my Girlfriend!

even his beret is sad

even his beret is sad Just a low-key drive with the kids.11 mns agoWe need more women like her 21 mns agoRakov Conoproowe Erguckowar 31 mns agoI've never laughed so hard at a kids show!

ok is banning those with wrong "moral compass"

ok is banning those with wrong "moral compass" We were alerted that white supremacist Chris Cantrell was on Okcupid, Within IOminutes we banned him for life.There is no room for hate in a place where you' re looking for love.