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Mike Pence website hacked?

Mike Pence website hacked? PENCEiat CHRIST ‘tiffMike Pence went to college.As a young adult, Mike Pence voted for Jimmy Carter after acatchphrase he coined, "I' m a Carter Supporter," wentMike' s favorite part of the American fiag is the bars.

Just buzzfeed making fake news

Just buzzfeed making fake news So the Defend Europe ship C-star had a small technical the government, media and NGOs went all out to use this opportunity for propaganda.

Huplo Yseam Nowi Rapt

Huplo Yseam Nowi Rapt World of Warships || Maximum Skill 18 mns agocursed images Bnha edition 34 mns agoAfter you've been lifting for 2 months 37 mns agoMass effect, only the good ones.38 mns agoTop 10 Anime Battle Outfits 39 mns agoMattis Comp: Merch Edition 51 mns agoModern Marvel in a Nutshell 1 hr agoWhen it Rains Shells.

/g/entooman will have his revenge

/g/entooman will have his revenge Only one ofthem [otherthan me) got into university, the others went into deadhand type jobs.Despite all this, most of them are having their third or fourth child while barely being 25 years old,and very little income.

Anon is a pussy slayer

Anon is a pussy slayer Soompsers-The merging is complete 29 snds agoAnon talks about a certain feel 17 mns agoDeath of the Firstborn Egyptians 18 mns agoRWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 16 - Neptune Noir 22 mns agoYou held a knife to my fathers neck.26 mns agoAfrican Super Problem S (long post) 32 mns agoWas getting caught a part of your plan?

Things are looking up

Things are looking up "A simple no would have sufficed, sir" 42 snds agoThey waited an hour to see the steam train 20 mns agoFire Emblem, but the more you watch, the worse it gets 27 mns agoGoogle’s Next Move to Destroy “Wrong Think” 30 mns agoHappy Birthday Eduard Khil 34 mns agoSymbol of Peace: MS paint version 37 mns agoTiof Vilsespo Pulo Coftid 43 mns agoI couldn't fart as long as my brother, so he covered me in pies 53 mns ago

Guns N' Roses really went commercial

Guns N' Roses really went commercial face the power of bambi Kingdom Hearts 4 mns agoRyūjin no ken wo kūrae!20 mns agoA comp discovered in the shed 31 mns agoA comp found in your wallet 35 mns agoSimple no sound video to make you happy 37 mns agoAre you going to leave her waiting?