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Ron Paul on Trump

Ron Paul on Trump Wholesome Meme Compilation #14 23 hrs agoTime to upset more people 20 hrs agoBefore the Great Meme war of 2016 21 hrs agoFedEx driver Matt Uhrin rescued Old Glor 15 hrs ago/pol/ fears la revolucion 15 hrs agoIda Gotten Away With It Too 22 hrs agoTrump keeps his promises as a politician 19 hrs agoThe most painful video on the internet.19 hrs agoPBG in regards of friendship Jontron 14 hrs ago

100 ways to die comp #1

Foiled AgainVladimir Smirnov, an Olympic champion tenser,client " brain climaxe nine clays atter hisopponent' s toil snapper) clorine a March.A Sticky SituationThe Boston Molasses Disaster at ', killall 21people an) lei» 150 ingored when a tankover 2 million gallons at Molasses.

12 ways to brake the usa

12 ways to brake the usa 12 WAYS TO BREAK THE USAfrom Atlas of Prejudice by Yankosf!prI tto"Hedonism " Microwaves " Smarty PantsI Square " Barbecue Belt " Bible Beltintellectuals " Deep Fried SouthH West Coast Hip Hop " Racists in Denial I vegansSamples " : ists I CarnivoresEast Coast Hip HopNasty winters " BurgersH oshiete H People Who Will Go to Heaven " TacosFried ChickenCaucasia " Stand Your Ground "1 Land of aMexico " Stand Your Sinkhole " Tornado Mey

100 ways to die comp #8

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Mattis is Kek: Confirmed

Mattis is Kek: Confirmed Before parting ways, Johnson asked thesecretary whether people in the Pentagonwere still calling him "Mad Dog.That was something made up bythe press.

/pol/ teaches you how to identify a jew

/pol/ teaches you how to identify a jew 121474728What are the best ways toidentify a jew?TI KB JPG22 Replies/ i View Threadt.

Best defense against Monster Girls

Best defense against Monster Girls we] my whatevererWes yaen] an[ [s weed mule new but grandees ms new to do wen the task athena?can' t say l am Say, new l shown you collecton yet?