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Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is a fun little title that at its asking price provides a good time for those looking for a tactics game without the need to study an entire encyclopedia of knowledge just to play.The rules are simple but fun, and the premise is silly but entertaining.

/k/ defends the earth

/k/ defends the earth ain bedawake upwee ayss all aroundkknow they can' t talk but they can read my mindpstart shitposting in my mindsthing NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER TRAP THREADLOSPUSSY GORE THREADtthey back up and try to recover from themindfuck recievedbedside shotguntthey' re fucked nowthem up one by onetthink to myself so they can hear it in their mindsTIME TC) TURN THIS ) rsl INTO A RAPE"otie all but one ofthem up and facefuck them onewhile the others watch"oonce i' done facefucking one, i light a cigarand punch it in the faceto earth

Nintendo to Sell Tiny Nintendos This November

Nintendo to Sell Tiny Nintendos This November It'll will play 30 games and retail for $60.It'll have an HDMI port on it, so you can hook it up to modern TVs, and the games are built-in.

Take to the high seas as Battleship arrives on Xbox One

Take to the high seas as Battleship arrives on Xbox One Out now and costing £11.59, Battleship has been given a modern and dynamic makeover as it makes its way to our consoles.

Happy Dungeons Hands-On Preview

Happy Dungeons Hands-On Preview You’ll need to fight off goblins as you cut your way through the forest, until you meet the Boss Goblin who thoroughly Goomba stomps you and takes the princess away.You are recruited into the Order of the White Dragon, and must do all the side quests that any reasonable hero would ignore.