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Anon isn't worried

Anon isn't worried i Anonymous (ID: ') ITE02/ 07/ 17( Tue) 12: 39: 38 No.111430596TRUMP: I "LEARN A LOT WATCHING" TVE WAS WRONG r THAT' S up FROM 51% IN MARCH G EVEN DEMOCRAT ' r282 KB JPGDoes it ever bother you that the POTUS spends so muchof his time watching cable news and talk shows?

robot talks about his valentine's day

robot talks about his valentine's day watching some Youtube video during lectureon the horrible closed caption optionea string of words is interpreted as "teen orgy?‘ea few sniggerselanor it' s dumb, but cant help myselfsmart laughingeveryone looks at meboardstoptthe more Itry to stop, the harders laughAmon.