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HRC wants run in 2020 & make a lib show

HRC wants run in 2020 & make a lib show Til be back!': Defeated candidateClinton considers launching liberaltelevision show to lay the groundworkfor ANOTHER White House runq Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering the launch of a TV show to keep herselfin the newsq The move would position her for a 2020 presidential run, according to an insiderShe decen tly offered a toast to friends gathered at her Washington hem e,affecting an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and promising: Tll be back'Clinton doesn' t think Barack Obama will fight enough for liberal priorities, 'whichleaves an opening for her to be the acknowledged of her party'By DAVID BARTOSZO, US POLITICAL EDITOR FDR ) CmiePUBLISHED: 11: 1( D EST, 25 ' 2017 I UPDATED: 20: 26 EST, 25 la 2017

Anon wants to catfish his friend

Anon wants to catfish his friend 3321136} goggle iqdb wait titleAnonymous 1 February 2017 r Wednesday, 7.Far example, you' d have the base file of the girl being idle, and whenever you played the clip, thegirl would wave.


under 6'6, END YOUR LIFE FAGGOT 6 mins q Aajust a wants 6' 6, tan guy that has green eyes darkhair, has tattoos but wears suits ,listens to jazz andhip hop , that can cook , who has an awakened spiritand heightened sense of intellect, who is rich, pasthis hoe phase, and strong minded and can deal witha little crazy every now and then without runningaway, he has to like clubbing ilt just as much as helikes hiking, He can like the snow but he can' t love itcause we gotta move to the I: Bahamas one day.,oh and he gotta believe in god 'fit'My birthday is in like 5 days ' Soomo get on it guysfind this dude and bring him to my birthday dinner loltif tait it 3 Commentsd, Like I Comment A Share

Types of Comp Trainers

Types of Comp Trainers tiga SHEA TIME 'ARE ALL LEWT., I SWEARWHAT IDIOT CALLED ITIn st wants to sh ow off 'POKEMON' AN D NOThow zleyer they are at coming T' '?