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You think so Anon?

You think so Anon? y Eeveryone wants Trump to invadet :winstead of invasion, he airfieldxi t, Prussians were warned and leftg tthe Syrians probably followedgnc) ground invasionhall the neocons are satisfiedswanning to fat kimswanning to IranRemember that the US and allies (mostlyAussies) once killed a hundred or SO SAA directlywith airstrikes and nothing happened, then therewas the other time a NATO member shot down aRussian jet and nothing happened, Turkeyactually invaded Syria last year and nothinghappened, this is a minuscule happeningcompared to those

OP wants to reach the darknet

OP wants to reach the darknet I Anonymous (W'S/ 17( Shat) 20: 41: 46 No.59912455Can caly be accessed midnight at cf.

Erdogan wants to take Europe

Erdogan wants to take Europe Officials across the continent are expecting Erdogan to square up to Brussels, reinstating the death penalty and demanding visa-free travel within the EU’s Schengen area.The increasingly authoritarian Turkish president, who narrowly won a referendum granting him more control over key areas of the government, made an agreement with the EU to home some three million migrants during the height of the migrant crisis.

Robot wants to get a camper van

Robot wants to get a camper van Anonymouswe educationbin debtfor over 8 yearsone welfare in my country04: 53Yeah going inna woods when I get a letter to pay what I owe,which is probably next week.AnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymouswe innawoods04: 5906: 45I think about getting a camper van, solar panels, and a nice waterpurifier and going out west a lot.

/pol/ack wants to repopulate Japan

/pol/ack wants to repopulate Japan File ( uing (108 KB, 960x720)I Japanese men too busy fugging their body pillows than qt Jap girls.Here is mygame plan {pollto Japanthe women there don' t want to a dirty foreigner (respectable)my eyes back so I blend inpnga qt Japanese girlher on a couple of datesrile "to clubs and be taller than the bouncerswet atmy western willy inside herwants to introduce me to her parentsthem I' m the CEO of Animelove meMuarry qtchildren with herkids are half Englishis confusedher of cheatingherfind another qtRinse and repeatJapan with rings elf