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International Relations Explained By Rick & Morty

International Relations Explained By Rick & Morty Lateral trash from the land of Azeban 20 hrs agoThis is how I used to play Mass Effect 23 hrs agoFourth Battle of Berkeley 22 hrs agothe madman actually did it 22 hrs agoTruck driver identified as Vanilla Ice 18 hrs agoAssorted Militarys place holder until main war post 20 hrs agoOff to the Kingdom of Hyrule 22 hrs agoTrump supporters clean up Antifa mess.21 hrs ago

a Newbie walking onto /v/

a Newbie walking onto /v/ Guess they thought it was funny 24 mns agoPikmin 2 in First Person!24 mns agoI was assaulted by Antifa in DC 26 mns agoDnD Inspiration: The Trickle 32 mns agoWhen Hogs Fly - Overwatch 35 mns agoThe Flintstones were lucky 35 mns agoHello darkness my old friend 38 mns agoWhen you ask whos a good boy 40 mns agoMe trying to get my life back together 42 mns agoKeep this in mind when you watch a super hero film 44 mns ago

Cursed Images part I wanna die

Cursed Images part I wanna die When will they twerk their way to the Saudi Embassy?4 mns ago500 yr old elf VS 50 yr old human 6 mns agoTracer and Emily get in an argument with Ana and Pharah 18 mns agoWonder if they will fall for it.