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Creative Bullshit: By mommamadeira

Creative Bullshit: By mommamadeira A new day comes, new faces come with They've yet to know, most lack the strength To endure, the hell I've wrought On so many come before On my word, sweat, blood, and tears fall Most quit, I feel no remorse, they would not have lived Out the pan, into the fire, then they'll understand I made them die inside, so they may live, through the hell of war Like they, the day, has come and gone I stand in place, as they fade away If they do, they won't die The hell wont be for naught I turn away, to many a new face Who know not, the hell I've wrought

Sync your wallpapers, even on your Band or Band 2 with this Windows 10 app

Sync your wallpapers, even on your Band or Band 2 with this Windows 10 app For owners of the Microsoft Band and Band 2 a new app called Wallpaper Studio 10 is giving owners the ability to stylize their fitness trackers with over 20,000 high-quality wallpapers or custom images.As developer Good2Create puts it: Total synchronization with all your Windows 10 devices with one click!

Goodbye static backgrounds: Our favorite free live wallpapers for Android

While the first crop tended to suffer from technical shortcomings such as excessive battery drain and poor performance, live wallpapers have come a long way in the time since.Here are our picks for the best free live wallpapers for Android so you can spice up your smartphone or tablet backdrop without having to dip into your wallet.