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J.R.R Tolkien

J.R.R Tolkien SYRIAN THANKS TRUMP FOR ATTACK 1 mn agoA dog's view on the Swedish happening 6 mns agoIs it possible to have a post-apo game without zombies?7 mns agoAnon experiences a first at a massage parlor 15 mns agoStop Asking All These Questions 19 mns agoTrump's Education Budget Revealed 21 mns agoWhen you order same day shipping and it's 11:59pm 26 mns agoOf the recent Facebook trends, this needs to stop the most 49 mns agoShould I give cruixz another chance?

Navy anon guys goes full retard

Navy anon guys goes full retard U Anonymous 04/ 07/ 17( Fri) 04: 55: 54 No.40986687File: we 0480.

Historical photos part 1776

Historical photos part 1776 A crowd of youths taunt Dorothy Counts, 15, as she walks to the previously all-white Harding High School to enroll, September 4, 1957, Charlotte, NC.In particular he noted the ease with which Mark David Chapman had become famous after killing John Lennon.

Car salesman on /b/ tells a story

Car salesman on /b/ tells a story Let me tell you a story of one of my first ever customerswe brand new to car businessawake!looking guy walks up to the door and comes inwwtfask him if he needs help with anythingwe wants to lease a cheap lithe new carhi can smell the wendys in his breathriskay sure lets see what we gotbasking for some info, name, number, shit like thatwe has no tradewe walks a a mile to work every dayshe works 20 hours a week at fucking wendys lolhi had no idea he only worked 20 hours at wendys so i took himon a test drive in a cheapo carddoes not listen to my instructions on test drive routeawash dude i love the turbos in this car"what fucking turbos?

Robot Begs for Mercy

Robot Begs for Mercy I' m mighty sorry to interrupt you, but Icouldn' t help to notice that you' ye been acting awfullylonesome these here past coup?o' weeks.

/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs

/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs 04 6 hours agomus hes into waterwalks away while eating teddies and sippingnesquik with trendy straws1 replyEl hours agoJPG 2418 no 600x900smushes into wateryher arms begin pinwheelingspuddenly sonic boom from rotatingarmswho is moving quickly newacross the water' s surfaceht for youyou try to runait' s too latesshe hits you going over1 reply


MONSTER THOT AVOIDS JAIL TIME 959Loren Norman was last week given a suspended jail sentence for a horrific attack inwhich she abused her daughter Evie with a kitchen serving a text message sent by Norman to her former partner Shane McMahon after beingsentenced, she said: So, I' m not going to jail.