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CARL ep. 14: Paranoia

CARL ep. 14: Paranoia Here breathe intoCalm down, this bag,you' ll hurtyou rself.There' s already a second one,Yo Carl, dad wants to see us.

I'm super fucking tired

twin cm: at aura‘.Thet It I ' sto' ha ups ati st, -l if3 itcan boot brooker" * srslee Haw.

Wait, I don't have a girlfriend?

Wait, I don't have a girlfriend? Moedred Santa Lily and her Reindeer 16 mns agodeathbulge SHOWDOWN BROTHER 17 mns agoI can do that, I just chose not to 38 mns agoOnly one cup of tea a day?42 mns agoRule34 comments over stock photos 47 mns agoThis Was Done Purposefully 51 mns agoBehind the meme, slaughterer of dankness 57 mns agoThe retarded adventures of Tom and Dave 1 hr ago

Meme wars: the Phantom Pepe

Meme wars: the Phantom Pepe My Anaconda Don't Want None 4 mns agoAnd THEN you noticed the old guy with the hairy bikini.6 mns ago1 chicken vs 20,000 soldiers 17 mns agoPoorly Drawn: Invasion Part 25: Z.

even his beret is sad

even his beret is sad Just a low-key drive with the kids.11 mns agoWe need more women like her 21 mns agoRakov Conoproowe Erguckowar 31 mns agoI've never laughed so hard at a kids show!