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Weaponizes autism strikes again!

Weaponizes autism strikes again! E Anonymous (ID: E -1-blog_ together, jpg116 KB JPGThere' s around 3000 rental cabins in Lapland, we justneed to match wood patterns, easy enough.Anonymous (ID: () Cesi, regi'if.

WMD (Weapons of meme destruction)

WMD (Weapons of meme destruction) f- Tweet ckLi' Jon Safaris WJ @JontronshowTrump: What' s the biggest thing wegot that' s not a nuke?Cabinet: Memes of a Green FrogTrump: Ocaust use the 22, bombI' m not sick222 RETWEETS 880 LIKESdog bless.

Anon talks about his childhood

Anon talks about his childhood IcawNC?291 3221 7 6 hours agowe an we 40(Weird Shit You Experienced as a Kid threadbbe 'rayo memad is in hospital w/ his tth heart attackH have to poopI was given directions to was closed forcleaningAabout to shit pantsbathroom in employee only areaReprint to itup stallgiant black dude on his kneessucking off a skeleton dude that was maybearound and runshit until I get home 12 hours later

Liberals versus math, who will win?

Liberals versus math, who will win? 95, 000 human beings live where Trump justdropped the biggest non nuclear bomb inAfghanistan w/ a blast radius of a mile in everydirection10: 57 AM -1330!2037is "Ist tlt Let.

R W B Y Chinese Dresses

R W B Y Chinese Dresses Liberals versus math, who will win?22 hrs agoLateral trash from the land of Azeban 13 hrs agoThe cutest mascot that ever existed 21 hrs agoWas being hit part of your plan?

The hero we need.

The hero we need. I' m just wondering arwe know the menu to w ch weight isyou know something that on acquire through our the menu to w h for some people.

Anon talks about his job

Anon talks about his job i AnonymousI found this job on8' 1'' i' craigslist for this old dude,w.llxiri" So he obsessed withpickles and he hired me tomeasure every pickle in16 KB We every jar he buys, (He' llbuy maybe 40 at a time, and hes rich asfuck btw) So he will call me and I' ll spendabout 3 hours measuring pickles.

So, uh... I did a thing

So, uh... I did a thing qELLE Find FriendsCREATEAdvert Page Group Eventn ' Faceful Cl -Homesupper:Welcome, ,The Support Inner: is your planets:1 Get updates about things that you' reported2.Chest: and rem to messages from the Help Team.