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Chernobyl VR Project review -

Chernobyl VR Project review - Virtual reality is a great platform to virtually visit exotic places and partake in extreme experiences that you would not do otherwise.With the options of visiting outer space and vacation like vistas, who would ever imagine to visit the abandoned areas surrounding the Chernobyl power plant?

/pol/ get a visit from Aleppo

/pol/ get a visit from Aleppo i (51 KB, 640x640)I A day in Aleppo Citadel Aleppo bro (ID: ) = ( T( Sun) 1 9: 51: 24 E D CIwe meosirian from aleppooil] we christianat aleppo unite.west partit allno water or power or cooking gasl snipers, bombing etc.

/v/'s modified game titles

/v/'s modified game titles ipg A, (16 KB, 253x218} gewgle & visit1.44 No.