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Breaking News: Butthurt man is butthurt

Breaking News: Butthurt man is butthurt 5, 922, 885 viewswaste " Share oqq Mare d 139, 397.Can' t mean Tm the CEO of my company, and need to leak clean cut andtaille, professional while meeting with clients and colleagues?

Ron Paul on Trump

Ron Paul on Trump Wholesome Meme Compilation #14 23 hrs agoTime to upset more people 20 hrs agoBefore the Great Meme war of 2016 21 hrs agoFedEx driver Matt Uhrin rescued Old Glor 15 hrs ago/pol/ fears la revolucion 15 hrs agoIda Gotten Away With It Too 22 hrs agoTrump keeps his promises as a politician 19 hrs agoThe most painful video on the internet.19 hrs agoPBG in regards of friendship Jontron 14 hrs ago

I wish a mother fucker would...

I wish a mother fucker would... If one of you little Fuckers uses this memeagain in an attempt to exclaims your shitpolitical views, I will mots to your home andbitch slap your parents for creating such astupid shit head child.Star wars is my escapefrom you people God damnit.

Anon doesn't need Communism

Anon doesn't need Communism We Need CommunismDebateable13, 153 viewsI At what age do we start giving helicopter rides?Anonymous (ID: rle' i (/ 1 5/ 1 T( Wed) 19:Embed]File: we ks, 512x512}man this kid needs some friends, at his age i was a happy kid not worryingabout political ideologythis tooat ten I had gotten laid at least 5 times with 2 different girlsDid you turn out?