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"Toxic" Git Gud Culture

"Toxic" Git Gud Culture ddt John Walker asFollowAfter some ugly behaviour in response to aPolygon Doom video, We ranted about thetoxic "GIT GUD" culture:A really gaming trend is getting louder and leader orrate.lik "" Elliott 2313::Stretch it to Still words and you got the carer story.

Dark Sould Boardgame Gameplay

Dark Sould Boardgame Gameplay Jenkinsverse Collection v2.3 9 mns agoJack Gets His Sword Back!

Anon gets in trouble because of vidya

Anon gets in trouble because of vidya E AnanymousTIT: Times tildes games get yang}see me innocent 6 year eldsdad loved fps gamesslats me play thembecause I did really well atschool41 KB JPG splayed Wolfenstein itand Doom a let because Iloved theMoved the music in the games a let butone specific song that stood out was thethis theme for Wolfenstein itsrsed to hum that song all the timespast forward 4 years in elementary schoolsstill had the song stuck in my headshad this math exam I took in privatebecause l was sick the day of the examsonly me and teacher in the reemsothe test was boring and minuteness so Istarted humming the Wolfenstein SD titlethemesteadier was visibly shocked and took meto the ' s officesteadier told the principal I was hummingseme Nazi songshad literally no idea the Wolfensteintitle theme was Horst Wessel Lied, NaziGermany' s national anthemsmfw both the teacher and the principalwere Jews

Anon is into his trap son

Anon is into his trap son Anonymous l 38260602 33 minuten geleden It!won lived with me for 3 years sincemother leftpplay vidya, darts, snooker and getalong all wellCy He went to uni last yeargrooved out and all, still came backonce a month to play snooker and97, 8 to PNG dartsraceme back this weekend and he saidhe needed to talk to meshe said he is into the whole "trap"culture and enjoys dressing cute andexplained it all to me.

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house I ( Ewes agosbe merage to cousins for sleep carerwehave it cousins32 guy' s.I girl2: satay up latepplay vidya watch moviesgiri cousin }' 5 uncle has lots of extra beershe wont notice a few missingaccentrave get buzzedguy cousin doesnt like beer goes ta bedEma gqy cousin gets phone and splits for a while311st me and girl cousinidrink more while watchingstarts saying shes drunkminutes later look {WEI and shes crashed outffind a blanket and cover her uprage to bed without molesting cousin because we have a stable funnily relationship and not attracted to her

/fit/izen goes on Tinder

/fit/izen goes on Tinder Prepare for the solar eclipse 2 mns agoAnons discuss Eric Clanton aka the bike lock guy 8 mns agoRobot loses wizard status 14 mns agoMagic Item Cards by R-N-W 18 mns agoHow mousesama wins thumb wars 34 mns agoTime to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel 39 mns agoTerrorists Destroy Monument in Baltimore 45 mns agoLooking directly at the eclipse today 59 mns ago

/v/irgin embraces his autistic side while playing vidya

/v/irgin embraces his autistic side while playing vidya 3 Kib 480x480ITT: Autistic shit you do in vidyaanyone else?6 repliesNo.