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PETA is fucking nuts

with 2017Calum McswaggerFallowin the past decade alone PETA have killed oversome healthy cats and dogs brought into their carebecause it' s the "kind thing to do.lulu yurr' rvr' ' Fpc"_ uThey even tried to claim that super maria wassupporting the fur industry and Further criticised himfor supposedly being cruel to turtles.

10.45 miles of penis

10.45 miles of penis Buster Jenkins x VMy drunk ass girlfriend said she had sex with over 200guys.4 years of college I 365 days a year) 200 guys = a newgm every 13 days.

Surprise of the Year

Surprise of the Year Saudi Arabia to allowwomen in bikinis at newbeach resortlait( ( lletSaudi woman who wore skirt in viral videohas been arrested, state television reportsWasbeert Abba's, USA TODAY19 hours agoThe ultraconservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia hasannounced the construction of a luxury resort on theRed Sea where women will be allowed to wearbikinis instead of having to fully cover their bodies.

Anon reveals his flight plan

Anon reveals his flight plan Q Switch commercial 1 heidel.l.

Coo/ck/ Defends Cup Noodles

Coo/ck/ Defends Cup Noodles igg * (110 KB, 450x450) google gander: Eggq U Amonymous!VAT( Tue) 00:%: 44 vbest cup noodles and or cup noodle recipe?