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Save it for the weekend

Save it for the weekend where did you come from, where did you go?1 mn agoWe've all been waiting for this 17 mns agoIt's all downhill from there 18 mns agoFirearms 101: Is it a CLIP or a MAGAZINE?

games memes dump #12

games memes dump #12 Texts from Superheroes:Marvel 8 mns agoChristmas Has Come Early (And So Have I) 20 mns agoDark Sauce by ArinsMind (Complete) 28 mns agoFaith in humanity slightly restored 38 mns agoYeah.Guys have it rough too 57 mns agoThe Wonderful World of Hajj 58 mns agoGuard save a man's life from violent criminal 1 hr agotyphoon currently hitting hong kong and guangdong 1 hr agoWhen the scissors glide through the wrapping paper 2 hrs ago

wendys with the heat

wendys with the heat it, it.tll' I We usually prefer the original to a knockoff, but hey, you do you,.

people who like to talk

people who like to talk MHA Classical Japanese Style Art 19 hrs agoWhy there should be an age restriction to changing gender 21 hrs agoJust a small tip for everybody in the path of hurricanes 18 hrs agoI shouldn't find this funny.but I do.