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Dank Mini Tweet Dump

Dank Mini Tweet Dump How and why is this news worthy 9 mns agoBritish vs.American Comedy: What's the Difference?

Missed a social cue, dodged a bullet

Missed a social cue, dodged a bullet Net neutrality, Online Protest information.1 mn agoDefunding Planned Parenthood increased adolescent abortion rates 6 mns agoYou will die before berserk ends.

Gimme sum of ur Tots

Gimme sum of ur Tots 42:: the e imellis It4: on IIE!aqua ItPerla Bl being a legal adult #255: no one annan tell ulala'.

wasps should be extinct

wasps should be extinct Atsan Ytyonompem Kifabyig 6 mns agoTrust nobody, not even yourself from the past 8 mns agoList of Countries that US have messed with 39 mns ago/fit/izen meets a militant vegan 44 mns agoLeave Iran alone, Fat terrorist.51 mns agoISIS guy trying to spook Spain gets meme'd 1 hr agoFree Xbox One game: Blacksea Odyssey 1 hr agoJapanese school girl Opal 1 hr agoThs may be the greatest thing I've ever seen 1 hr agoDeadpool 2 stuntwoman killed because diversity 1 hr ago> 2017, being white makes you Hitler 1 hr ago

Gran Torino is best old man

Gran Torino is best old man The Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 9 snds agoDabartievi Idor Wocharyind 12 mns agoWhite Hand of Isengard on a French Army AMX-10 RC.13 mns ago7.

anon probably tells a lie

anon probably tells a lie L] Anonymous ' Ihaytu'.HOLY FUCK 11115 JUST HAPPENEDgirl acres; the v/ fly carries 041311;‘ ; are an but,.