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StoryQuest – How to Enlarge Screen

StoryQuest – How to Enlarge Screen I’ve received a few inquires on how to enlarge the game screen on Pogo’s newest Hidden Object game, StoryQuest.Click on the Menu tab in the upper right corner of the game screen Click on the box with the arrows and your screen will enlarge Click resume and you’ll be on your way to a full-screened game of StoryQuest!

Anon has a good point

Anon has a good point Anonymouse 37694454 23 rain, acto u.shaving an argument on reddithave the more logical pointsand the upper handperson goes through my postingrisist: jld history and drags up embarrassingstuffenacts like he "won" the argument and43.

Robot has some obscure feels

Robot has some obscure feels 5 AnonymousObscure haswe post obscure feelsand really fucked up shitwe wantyou will never be a8 KB JPG dog in an upper middleclass familyyou will never be able to manipulatethe universe and space and time so youcan duplicate yourself into a cute girl, thengo back in time to your unaware presentself and date myself, and pull all of my ownheart strings so i can have somebody thatunderstands me and is nice to me andgives me the love i desperately need so idont keep going off of the deep end.yyou will never know what its like to be inthe mind of a normal healthy persondamages l View Thread l

doggo likes peanut butter

doggo likes peanut butter how game journalists should play 14 mns agoI miss the experience of rental stores 33 mns agoCrazy how nature make dat 44 mns agoThey don't make them like they used to 44 mns agoHow the ACLU manipulates people 49 mns agoI'm from Germany BTW, and also German, and in Germany, every Germ 1 hr agoCreator of the Plastic Lawn Flamingos 1 hr ago