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Microsoft AI is an Islamaphobe

Microsoft AI is an Islamaphobe tti!Science 'ii' i' iiI DWIMicrosoft chatbot turns controversialyet AGAIN: Cillin, AI calls the ' ranviolent' and gives its opinion onOsama Bin Laden in bizarre chatBy Shiva's Best For Gaiaonline09: 48 EDT 05 Jul 2017, updated 10: 30 EDT 05 Jul 2017zealco, rlly, fsl,Microsoft' s Tay hot was shut down after itbecame corrupted with hate speechI Its latest bot, , is programmed to avoiddiscussing politics and religionIt But in a recent chat, it made reference to boththe ' ran and Osama Bin LadenMicrosoft says it has made changes to rectify

Ain't Karma a bitch?

Ain't Karma a bitch? Her husband was a firefighter to who she was married only 4 months.Turns out, 4 months wasn't long enough for him to change the beneficiary of his life insurance.

Guy in a hoodie

Guy in a hoodie When you need a good friendship and booty at the same time 1 mn agoBuzz Aldrin Punches Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist 7 mns agoIf Pokémon was made for the iPhone.12 mns agoDaughter walks in on him while playing a scary game.

Anon turns into a girl

Anon turns into a girl File:.(253 KB, 448x450)awake up35% myself as the perfect girly teen girlthe big tits, big eyes, big vagina, allpl muse in excitementof walk downstairs to tell my mom about itfirst she doesn' t believe me but she stares at my ass for a moment and saysThat' s my seed all right!

Stop Drinking The Water In Germany

Stop Drinking The Water In Germany All you need is love!Giving people thecuddle hormone' oxytocin canincrease kindness towards refugees,even amongst those with a fear offoreignersOxytocin is released naturally by humans during social and sexual behaviourResearch has previously shown it breeds trust and generosity in othersNew study has found oxytocin can boost kindness towards poor refugeesxenophobic people were more likely to donate money to refugees if they hadhigh oxytocin and were under social pressure to give moreBy HARRY PETTIT FOR MAILMAN LINEPUBLISHED: 15: 00 EDT, 14 August 2017 I UPDATED, (M): 45 EDT, 15 August 2017

These hoes ain't loyal

These hoes ain't loyal Turns out shecheated on me while I was out of town.Ne' 1, 212 - E hours upD 25 Replies r P, minutes weChris Ulrich Hate men.

now you know it

now you know it what song do you suggest?1 mn agoStill Haven't Watched This 3 mns agoInspirational Witch Kitty 5 mns agoDBZ gifs for your viewing pleasure 5 mns agoThis Week in Stupid (03/09/2017) 17 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #84 20 mns agoSimpsons Memes: Sunday Afternoon Frogurt 27 mns agoFor nightcore lovers only 28 mns agoWe're all living in 2017 while this kid is living in 3017 36 mns ago