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And not a single fuck was given

And not a single fuck was given ".try that again.

The life of the party

The life of the party Did similar murders occur?What kind of sick f**k would do such a 11 mns agoI don't regret the poison that set me free.

Anon gets in trouble because of vidya

Anon gets in trouble because of vidya E AnanymousTIT: Times tildes games get yang}see me innocent 6 year eldsdad loved fps gamesslats me play thembecause I did really well atschool41 KB JPG splayed Wolfenstein itand Doom a let because Iloved theMoved the music in the games a let butone specific song that stood out was thethis theme for Wolfenstein itsrsed to hum that song all the timespast forward 4 years in elementary schoolsstill had the song stuck in my headshad this math exam I took in privatebecause l was sick the day of the examsonly me and teacher in the reemsothe test was boring and minuteness so Istarted humming the Wolfenstein SD titlethemesteadier was visibly shocked and took meto the ' s officesteadier told the principal I was hummingseme Nazi songshad literally no idea the Wolfensteintitle theme was Horst Wessel Lied, NaziGermany' s national anthemsmfw both the teacher and the principalwere Jews

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu Clinton under investigation: News from the other side 27 snds agoNeed some help 2: Electric Boogaloo 3 mns agoError heart.exe has stopped working 21 mns agoMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 24 mns agoAnon trolls women with a Chad account 43 mns agoI laughed, but it hurt a little 44 mns agoWell once is never enough 53 mns agoEd Sheeran's cameo in the movie "her" 54 mns agoIs The Pizza Guy Still Here?