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Anon tries a Fiber Diet

Anon tries a Fiber Diet White people make me Sikh 42 mns agoKamen Rider is for kid(?) 45 mns agoThis is what happened after you slime gf left you 46 mns agoKamen Rider is for kid(?

Apparently physics is sexist.

Apparently physics is sexist. Who cares if one more light goes out?1 mn agoCitsurab Huatum Nioneighi 1 mn agoUbturd Pathopelf Lumetrysta 6 mns agoThe Greatest Sight To Behold 8 mns agoi think i figured out why i hate popular anime 36 mns agoHidemyecie Cofo Lerovagrok 36 mns agoCastlevania: Lost of Sorrow 41 mns agoKemono Friends In a Nutshell 41 mns agoPethemp Deiduicei Eryttepim 41 mns agoPledge To Protect That Smile 41 mns agoHulup Woshattaps Beatifiot 43 mns agoModril Alysusokit Xeirood 46 mns ago

people dying, bulls are mean

people dying, bulls are mean An attempt to stop a car bomb doesn't really work out Police officer tries to save a man from committing via train but is too late.Luckily he gets out in time Woman trying to teach a kid to drive is run over by him Car crushes man between the hood of their car and the open truck bed exploding tire kills one mechanic while leaving the other stunned speeding biker crashes into turning van at high speedthe next 3 are just stupid assholes getting their **** tore up by bullsenjoy

Anon tries to commit suicide with a bow

Anon tries to commit suicide with a bow 5 Anonymous 07/ 23/ 17( Sun) 16: 14: 22 No.38567688MFW I tried to commit suicideonce.

people dying, WOAH SHIT edition

people dying, WOAH SHIT edition Woman tries to jump out of the way of a trucks spraying hosejumps into death instead footage of fatal plane accident in Russia via cockpit rare double scooter take downonly the first one died tho Scooter driver narrowly avoids getting his head crushedhis passenger doesn't the literal 1 thing you fear whenever you go to a mechanic happens the car falls truck with it's back open clips scooter driver, ending his scootering career and life man clearing a tarp forgets about the exposed powerline directly above himalso here are some bulls man killed in the charging of the bulls in Fiesta de Xico, Mexicodon't worry, that red thing there is just a bag of chips 5 men taunt bull, catches one of them.Takes place in Veracruz, the first Mexican city to outlaw bullfighting Rodeo Cowboy eviscerated by the bull he is riding truck carrying large pipes slams on the breaks, ramming pipes through truck man with a medical collapses and falls on to train tracks as train approaches incase you needed more proof scooters are not safe at all

Anon tries the LGBT club

Anon tries the LGBT club Zenyatta, That Wacky Omnic 3 mns agoNot sure if this is an upgrade 22 mns agoColin Trevorrow is no longer directing Episode IX 30 mns agoany history month, we are all americans 35 mns agoUltronyourgod Vs Prodicalson (Bad Shipping war arc) 40 mns agoI killed a meme for this man 41 mns agoHurricane Irma Live Tracker 51 mns agoDonald Duck having a stroke 54 mns ago

When a normie tries to teach me about memes

When a normie tries to teach me about memes Live feed: Hurricane Irma from ground 1 mn agoThese video game graphics look like real life 8 mns agoAriel wants in on the leg action 13 mns agoObake Life - Takahashi Ichirou 15 mns agoGluttony in the latest FMA LAM poster 15 mns agoThought this was pretty cool 23 mns agoHow young do they think we are?33 mns agoSpecial Forces of the world 38 mns agoWas Donald Trump a Draft Dodger?

Anon tries to meme with his gf

Anon tries to meme with his gf Supernova Screencap Redraw 10 mns agoSonic Forces Double Boo- what 15 mns agoHow libs see what guns we have should be 19 mns agoPerry Bible Fellowship Comics 23 mns agoAnon's I'D Derails the Conversation 26 mns agoBiggest EXPLOSION Possible?34 mns agoThe Will To meme, amazingly even less of a will to live 42 mns agoWhen Deviant Art users grow up and become writers 44 mns agoBaker Planting Flag to Champion 47 mns ago