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Antifa Cuck Tries Ruining Based Stick Man's Marriage

Antifa Cuck Tries Ruining Based Stick Man's Marriage ,we like " Ct: Emmett -‘F werettaTeena: G.I gain bunch "his It and We person ears there mamtmm, we up a manage?

Anon tries masturbation tips

Anon tries masturbation tips i Anonymous 03/ 19/ 17( Sun) 1 1: 09: 09 No.35624375bbe meffeel horny and want to jerk offresearch up ‘masturbation tips for7.

Anon tries to eat healthy

Anon tries to eat healthy i Anonymous 03/ 23/ 1 7( Thu) 08: 58: 09Fat generalaask for a healthy dinnermmy enabler brings homehamburgers because "they hassalad in them"the stupid bitch is killing75 KB JPGi Anonymous 03/ 23/ 17( Thu) 1 1: 50: 39You can strengthen your willreminder that there are peopleout there who were able torecover from a heroin addictionwhile you cant handle not stuffing your face allthe time56 KB JPG

Anon tries to commit

Anon tries to commit Geaorge Ciccariello is dumb 23 hrs agoHow to attract Monster Girls 22 hrs agoblack protestor in chicago, 1941 23 hrs agoShe's confused that women have freedom of choice 19 hrs agoWhen Funnyjunk got Coloured Text 22 hrs agoDups Kivoly Sadabr Impadrei 7 hrs agoCome on, at least try not to look stupid 18 hrs agoDo raccoons dream of trash sheep?4 hrs agoLike Popping Bubble Wrap Over And Over Again 23 hrs ago30 thoughtful gufts for mom 22 hrs agoreminder you can curve the bullets in this game 22 hrs ago

Anon tries a social experiment

Anon tries a social experiment 5 Anonymousin class todaybe mein class todaysociology aka Shih/ bootcampskew.14 with bad10 KB attitude sits next to meon my shitty Ah/ ID Hptouchscreen laptopon ychani notice she is looking at my screensecretlyon this board in the middle of classscroll down a littlepornshe went to sit somewhere else a andlooked at me in disgust the rest of the class5 AnonymousTell her it was a social experiment

Dank Mini Tweet Dump

Dank Mini Tweet Dump How and why is this news worthy 9 mns agoBritish vs.American Comedy: What's the Difference?

Go get dat mone 4 me to stel

Go get dat mone 4 me to stel relive in ChicagoWalking to atBarnNiigger tries to mug mewith knifeare its pm; Lidell him he will have to killmeter my wallet andphanapstart literally begging him to kill me andtelling him I want to die2-" it aint gen play like dat"sshe Closes the distance between us andthrows me to the groundsithis niggers going through my packetswith his knee on my head pinning me downrestarts telling me life isn' t that bad and thatI should just believe in my self