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Lexar JumpDrives get tough

Lexar JumpDrives get tough As a fast and secure offering in the Lexar JumpDrive USB flash drive performance lineup, the JumpDrive Tough combines a rugged yet stylish look with secure, high-speed performance.1 compatible flash drive allows users to transfer photos, videos, and files with speeds up to 150MB/s read and 60MB/s write.

Anon has a Maori squadmate

Anon has a Maori squadmate 5 Anonymous (ID: Q Ebbe us marine infantrysmauriyhes big as fuck, tough as fuck, just really greatdependable guyain afghanistanaother marine unitguy sees other guyfrom traditionally opposing tribestthey do traditional war dance offaactually kinda cool to seehands, laugh, thats the end of itaask him what that was all aboutwell back in the day we' d do that shit, then we' d fight tothe death and the victor would eat the loser"that dance was you two threatening to eateachotheryeah, basically, but were above that nowdays.blow itsjust all in good fun"Guy was the best damned machinegunner I ever saw anddependable as fuck.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 now comes with a huge battery and rugged body

Samsung's Galaxy S8 now comes with a huge battery and rugged body The phone's marquee feature, however, is not how rugged it is, but its huge, long-lasting battery.34 monthly installments paid over 30 months through the carriers Next service plan, the S8 Active takes everything that makes the S8 great and wraps it in an extra layer of protection.

Gran Torino is best old man

Gran Torino is best old man The Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 9 snds agoDabartievi Idor Wocharyind 12 mns agoWhite Hand of Isengard on a French Army AMX-10 RC.13 mns ago7.