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WE WUZN'T COLONISTS JonTron Removed From Yooka Laylee 23 hrs agoIT'S OFFICIAL: CRITICISM OF ISLAM NO LONGER LEGAL IN CANADA 19 hrs agoThick thighs to the rescue!19 hrs agoMy what a guy.

That's a lot of bullets.

That's a lot of bullets. Roy, UT - Roy City police released video of a shooting that took the life of 38-year old Nicolas Sanchez.According to Roy police two of their officers were called to the scene on reports of a trespassing.

historical photos comp part 14

historical photos comp part 14 Beyrle is thought to be the only American soldier to have served with both the U.People celebrate after the last removal of a Communist regime in a Warsaw Pact country.

Through the Fire and Flames GMV

Through the Fire and Flames GMV Through the Fire and Flames GMV Click to block a category: aceles prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Sorry for the wait!This took me too long to do.

took me a sec

took me a sec The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!3 mns agoI hate this because it's not about ME 6 mns agoGet someone that can do both 12 mns agoMFW I start my job at the Library 19 mns agoWhen the Teacher says find a partner 24 mns agowhy are all the raisins moving like that?

friendzoned so f'ing hard

friendzoned so f'ing hard Dent know what I did to deserve such anamazing girl, but I took her en a helicopterride todayPHANIL: Fallow nperp?harUPDATE: W y' all, turns out she was justanother female that ' t get over her exand tried to tie and hide things from meaxing girl but I tryoutBeen in egg X