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The voice of an angel

The voice of an angel Phew!That was a Close One 6 mns agoSometimes Games Make You Smile 11 mns agoThomas Laughed and Laughed 16 mns agoA true American Indian Horror story 18 mns agoClassic road rage behavior 23 mns agoMemri TV has the best biology 24 mns agoTwitch text to speech feat.

A lesson about forgivness

A lesson about forgivness Happy Friday.Smiling time 4 mns agoIm trying to git gud, I really am 15 mns agoGC: COD greatest hits vol.

Language trends across the U.S.

Language trends across the U.S. Petition for new aquaman media 15 mns agoI guess he still loves her?20 mns agoFunny Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far 26 mns agoTHUMB THIS UP OR I SWEAR ILL DO IT 33 mns agoUltra Beast reference sheets 37 mns agoThe Roach Farmer of /fit/ 58 mns agoFriends Are Scared of Fire 58 mns agosick sniping skills matey 58 mns agoLooking out for one another 1 hr agoA great bonding experience 1 hr agoGremblo Twitter Escapades 1 hr ago